Facility and Technology

Castillo Prestress operates four closely related, vertically integrated core businesses: construction aggregates, in-house concrete, production precast / prestressed concrete products and heavy steel manufacturing.

We are a leader in providing cost effective, innovative and value added products. Our record proves that we the depth of resources and facilities necessary to be a partner in projects of great scope and complexity. Castillo Prestress is centrally located in Belen, New Mexico on a 45 acre facility with a workforce comprised of 30 highly skilled employees. Castillo Prestress is a PCI Certified Precast/Prestressed Plant.


  • Largest supplier of bridge product for the New Mexico Department of Transportation
  • Certified producer for TXDOT and ADOT
  • PCI certified
  • Concrete products plant
  • Ultra-performance concrete
  • Partner to LEED certified construction
  • High production facility capable of producing top quality work on tight timelines
  • Custom 3-D form design
  • “Green” concrete
  • Custom design capabilities


  • Numerically Controlled Machining
  • 750 Ton x 26’-0” Bed Pacific Hydraulic Press Brake
  • 140 Ton Piranha Hydraulic Iron Worker
  • 6” x 6” x 1” Buffalo Hydraulic Bending Roll
  • 25” x 33” HE&M Numerically Controlled Vertical Band Saw
  • High capacity plate machine


  • Rebar Shear Line w/ Numerically Controlled Rebar Bending
  • Numerically Controlled Foam Contour Cutting Machine
  • 50 Ton Rubber Tired Gantry Cranes
  • All Terrain Forklifts (2)
  • Rubber Tired Front-End Loaders (4)
  • Traffic Wall Barrier Precast Forms
  • Dual Cavity Vertical Wall Forms
  • Double Tee Prestressing Forms
  • Inverted Tee Beam Prestressing Forms
  • Column Prestressing Forms
  • Architectural Prestressing Flat Deck Forms
  • Hydraulic Tilt Architectural Precast/Prestressed Flat Deck Forms
  • AASHTO Roll-Away Girder Forms
  • 4 Million Pound Capacity AASHTO/Tub Girder Stressing Bed
  • 4 Million BTU Hot Water Heater
  • 4 Million BTU Steam Generator Concrete Curing
  • Twin Shaft Central Mix Concrete Products Plant
  • UP/BNSF Bridge Component Forms