Castillo Prestress

Precast, Design & Engineering Partners

We partner with you to create an aesthetic solution for a range of needs.


Castillo Prestress is a vertically integrated company that operates four closely related core businesses. We specialize in client partnerships to provide cost effective, innovative and value-added concrete solutions for over 50 years.


Castillo Prestress is a division of Castillo Ready Mix Inc. (CRM). We can provide any heavy structural product for regional and national clients. We are a privately held company that is structured to provide high quality product at a low cost. We are the largest supplier of bridge product for the New Mexico Department of Transportation and a certified producer for the Texas Department of Transportation.

Design Engineering & Collaborative Project Development

Castillo Prestress is your partner to make your design ideas become reality. From proposal through fabrication, delivery and installation, we collaborate to serve your needs from A – Z.

State-of-the-Art Facility, Capacity and Technology

We are the largest supplier of bridge product for the New Mexico Department of Transportation.

Integrated Aesthetic Design

Castillo Prestress adds value to your project and surrounding properties by integrating aesthetic elements into the design and construction whenever possible.

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El Paso Sector Border Fence

  • Prime Contractor Kiewit
  • Owner Homeland Defense: Very Complex.
  • Highlights: High production rate intertwined with tight delivery schedule

National Enrichment Facility

  • Prime Contractor Baker Construction
  • Owner URENCO: Very Complex
  • Highlights: National Regulatory Commission Quality Level 1 Construction

Tornillo Land Port of Entry

  • Prime Contractor Turner Construction
  • Owner GSA: Very Complex
  • Highlights: Unique, wing-shape, thin section, pre-stressed canopies, provided BIM baseline design for other sub-tier contractors

Eight Span Elevated BNSF Rail Line

  • Prime Contractor Sema Construction
  • Owner BNSF: Very Complex
  • Highlights: tight schedule; direct owner oversite with tight tolerances

General Mills ENDOR Expansion

  • Prime Contractor KBR
  • Owner General Mills: Very Complex/Fast Track Schedule
  • Highlights: high quality finish for food processing; worked (word like partner) with owner to develop food grade connections