This piece features our ability to with collaborate with agencies regarding campus planning and design and water conservation. “Fallen Petals,” commissioned by Ft. Lewis College, was part of the Berndt Hall renovation, which houses Ft. Lewis’s renowned Biology Department. This piece uses best practices for storm water management regarding minimal impermeable surface construction and as a snow collection system. All forms were designed with Form Z, an advanced 3D development software.
  • Medium: sheared Corten steel pipe with hand finishing details
  • Dimensions: 4’ x 24’ x 4’
  • Year Completed: 2010
  • Location: Fort Lewis College, Berndt Hall, Biology Department, Durango, CO
  • Public Art Program: Colorado Council of the Arts
  • CRM Contributions: 140 Ton Piranha Hydraulic Iron Worker to shear over 2000’ of Corten steel pipe.