Public Art

Art & Sculpture Fabrication for Artists.

Artist Paula Castillo and Castillo Prestress are at the cutting edge of best practices for collaboration between engineering and visual expertise for contemporary place making.

We specialize in designing balanced solutions that meet infrastructure needs while respecting historic and aesthetic resources for current and future communities. Paula Castillo is a nationally recognized artist whose 2 and 3-D work and public art have been commissioned by universities, state entities, and many corporate and private collectors. CRM and CPS fabricators, through vertical integration of pre-stressed, precast concrete and metal fabrication, deliver low-cost, top quality results from start to finish meeting your deadlines, adhering to your budget and fulfilling your specifications at their premiere high production, state-of-art 45-acre facilities in Belen, New Mexico.

With this in-house partnership, we can fluidly bring large-scale public works to fruition to meet the diverse needs of a range of communities.  Our professional experience includes civic and campus planning and design, children’s outdoor environments, healthcare and therapeutic design, historic preservation, housing and community design, land use planning, parks and recreation, water conservation, and ecological restoration. Our comprehensive, state-of-art facilities are defined by fine aesthetic, advanced engineering and highly polished technical skill. This expertise provides for the engagement, scale, and stability necessary to create art appropriate to a public setting. We produce large scale work with a wide range of materials including diverse metals and finishes, pre-stressed, pre-cast concrete, wood, porcelain enamel, LED light sources, photography, glass, plastic, and digitally printed hand rendered imagery on a range of materials.